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Cold Air Giant Inflatable Concepts
In stock 
Giant inflatables are designed and produced for prominence. The enormity of customer's mass communication concept (Product, Logo, Mascot etc.) is sure to attract eyeballs and drive more attention to your intended message thus enhancing the GRP. Unique's Cold Air Inflatables are manufactured from...
Group: Inflatable advertising constructions
Helium Filled Air-Borne Inflatable Concepts
In stock 
Also termed as balloons are designed to provide high visibility over long distances. They are manufactured from laminated high quality poly vinyl material capable of sustaining internal gas pressure, weather elements and UV Radiation. Air-borne inflatables are excellent props for special...
Group: Aerostats for advertising
Cold Air Inflatable Costumes
In stock 
Fan powered air circulated inflatable costume is an interactive concept. These costumes can be created in custom shapes according to the communication need of the customers. They can be mascots, products, brands, specific characters, logos, messages etc. Inflatable costume can be easily adorned by...
Group: Aeromosts
Inflatable Seasonal Concepts
In stock 
Seasonal inflatable concepts otherwise known as holiday inflatables are icon replicas in different sizes that metaphorize holidays and festivitive seasons. They are ideal for capturing attention and unite peoples through sense of belonging. They are ideal for display at retail stores, malls,...
Group: Shapes Inflatable
Inflatable Kiosks & Pop-up Tents
In stock 
Inflatable Tents/kiosks, manufactured by Unique is the result of years of comprehensive research and development right from the selection of material to structural safety, stress distribution, shapes, creative branding to aesthetic appeal. Inflatable tents/kiosks are very effective in showcasing...
Group: Pnevmostendy
Inflatable Game Arenas
In stock 
Inflatable concepts can be effectively used as game arenas to add fun frolick and entertainment value. When used as an advertising concept in trade shows, malls and other places which are frequented by target audiences, they drive home the ad-message as no other medium and recall factor is enhanced...
Group: Inflatable Structures


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