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Cold Air Inflatable Costumes
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Cold Air Inflatable Costumes

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Fan powered air circulated inflatable costume is an interactive concept. These costumes can be created in custom shapes according to the communication need of the customers. They can be mascots, products, brands, specific characters, logos, messages etc. Inflatable costume can be easily adorned by individuals and become mobile. They are very apt for use at malls, trade shows, expositions, sporting events and any other place where their is presence of target audience. These costumes are light weight and battery powered. The circulating air keeps the wearer cool and comfortable.

Unique with its vast experience is capable of creating inflatable costumes in any shape. The design and production team can absorb almost all dynamics of design and present the desired costume to the clients as per their visualization. This is a very effect way of homing in a message on target audience.
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